Diverter Gate

Wey diverter valves are installed in canals and regulate the inflow or outflow of two different canal routes or basins. When the diverter gate is swiveled, the flow increases on one side and decreases on the other. The robust construction is made to measure and can be operated manually or electrically. The stainless steel material makes it suitable for long-term use in water.


Application areas

e.g. Waste water, Rainwater, Industrial water, Mixed water ...

Waste water treatment plants
e.g. Waste water, Raw water ...

Canal management

Wey Umstellweiche
Wey diverter gate in the canal of a Swiss wastewater treatment plant.

Material of construction

Part Standard
Gate 1.4404
Spindle Chrome steel W. No. 1.4104
Bearing Plain bearings
Spindle nut Bronze

Other materials upon request


Square drive

Square drive



Bevel gear

Bevel gear

Electric actuator knife gates & control gates

Electric actuator


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