Do Wey valves have a preferred flow direction?

All Wey valves are bi-directional tight. Still, there is a prefered flow direction in which the gate is best supported by the body of the valve. For details please refer to our instruction manual.

How do you test your knife gate valves?

All Wey valves are tested according DIN EN 12266-1/2 on their tightness. Additionally, the functionality of every single actuator is tested while doing pressure tests in order to open & close the valve.

What is the difference between an uni-directional and a bi-directional valve?

An uni-directional knife gate valves seals at maximum operating pressure only in the direction of flow and pressure, while in turn, a bi-directional knife gate valve design with round cord sealing seals at maximum operating pressure in both directions. All Wey valves are bi-directional tight.

Do you also have Wey knife gate valves for operationg pressures higher than 16 bar?

Yes, we produce knife gate valves up to PN 100. Please contact our sales team for details.

Where are Wey knife gate valves manufactured?

Since day one back in 1964, Wey knife gate valves are designed and produced in Switzerland. In 1987 a subsidiary was established in the USA. Today all of our knife gate valves for the DIN-markets are produced in Switzerland whereas our ANSI-drilled knife gate valves are produced partly in Switzerland and partly in the U.S.

Which actuator types are available for Wey knife gate valves?

Depending on the particular valve, we offer single and double acting pneumatic cylinders, electrical actuators, hydraulic cylinders, handwheel driven, bevel gear driven, lever operated and electro-hydraulic actuators.

Can Wey valves also be used as end-of-line valves (end fittings)?

Yes, there are Wey valves available which can be used without counter or loose flanges as end fittings (in end-of-line use). Please contact our sales team or refer to instruction manual for details.

Are ATEX-compliant Wey knife gate valves available?

Yes, Wey knife gate valves and butterfly valves are available in an ATEX-compliant option.

Can Wey knife gate valves also be used for vacuum applications?

Yes, with stadard sealing Wey knife gate valves are tight up to 100 mbar absolute. With an optional vacuum ring they are tight up to 10 mbar absolute.

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