Decades of engineering skill, extensive application expertise, and an understanding of quality in manufacturing give our customers the highest possible reliability in a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to a variety of optimizations, it has been possible to further increase the efficiency of the products and continuously adapt them to new market requirements.

The core element is the sealing system, patented in 1956. It is based on an intelligent combination of a resilient metal seat with metallic gate guides and support.

Seat- sealing

A mechanically retained round cord seal creates a bubble-tight shut off on the gate edge.

The gate is mechanically guided over the full stroke.

In the final closing phase, the remaining solids are sheared off by the knife-like gate.

In the closed end position, the gate is mechanically supported.

A unique transverse seal, consisting of a transverse seal profile and packing compound, makes the body bubble-tight towards the atmosphere.

The transverse seal can be repacked at any time and under full pressure using the lateral packing screws.

Optimization of the transverse seal

  • Geometry
  • Integration of scraper blades
  • Double transverse seal
  • Isolation medium connection

Massive improvement in service life

  • Wear ring
  • Extreme service coatings
  • Glider system

Self-cleaning design

  • Built-in flush ports
  • Special gate geometry
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