1 | 4 About Wey

With the registration of a patent in 1956, we revolutionized the design of knife gate valves forever. The inventor’s name: Joseph Wey. The Original Wey Design and the Wey brand were born. Since that time, we have continuously set standards worldwide in terms of product and service quality.

The best of
both worlds

While our parent company Sistag has its roots in Switzerland, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality products under the Wey brand in the USA since 1987. We offer the best of both worlds by combining Swiss engineering and precision with American ingenuity and service culture.

Engineering with
attention to detail

Every single product and application has its own specific characteristics that bring their own challenges. This is why we devote our full attention to each component, even before we start designing a workpiece. We get together, develop ideas and think ahead in a collaborative way. Our goal is to ensure that every product that leaves our workshop not only meets your requirements but exceeds your expectations. All the way down to the smallest detail.


Any application,
anywhere in the world

From the very first meeting, we develop outstanding solutions for the specific demands of our customer’s applications. Solutions that will last and withstand future demands. Whether in mining, the pulp & paper or the food & beverage industries. Whether in wastewater treatment, oil & gas, chemical or numerous other applications. Not just here, but all over the world.

Service – we take it

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore our customer relationships always begin with a personal conversation. And of course, we’re also there for you after the purchase. Be it for a simple question, for maintenance work or when you need to expand or adapt the entire system. Because it is our firm conviction that service has to be personal.

2 | 4 Values

These values have made us successful.

At home in the world
We design quality based on a deep understanding of what moves people. No matter where in the world and in which industry our customers create value. Achieving unique results that inspire is what motivates us.

Built on expertise
Precision starts with listening. Because it’s all about understanding our customer’s needs. We pay the utmost attention to the smallest detail. And we manufacture with the highest level of engineering skills.

Focus on partnership
Integrity is an essential part of our thinking and acting. We cultivate direct and immediate exchange at eye level. Because we are convinced that an authentic exchange and transparency promote trust.

Ahead of the times
Whether in the mining, paper or food industry. Whether in wastewater treatment, biogas or chemical plants – we’re at home in a wide range of industries. To design solutions that not only move with the times, but are ahead of their time.

Every task a personal challenge
There’s nothing we take for granted in a project – except our commitment. We don’t think in terms of ready-made solutions, and take every opportunity to promote understanding and add value. For everyone involved.

3 | 4 Certifications

For us, quality is key – in order to develop solutions that meet the highest demands thanks to their precision and durability. This means we are also audited by external organizations.

ISO 9001 certificate (PDF)
PED certificate (PDF)

4 | 4 Facts & figures

>1 Mio

More than 1,000,000 Wey valves ensure reliable connections in many countries around the globe


More than 100 distribution partners worldwide are here to help


80 inch – even with our largest current Wey knife gate valve, we pay attention to every detail


Zero leckage — we exceed expectations and take every challenge as a personal incentive

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