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Preventing imminent power outages with gas-fired power plants

The Federal Council is currently discussing how Switzerland can protect itself from a sudden blackout. The SRF reports about the different possibilities and the block-type thermal power plant in Mellingen. Like many other plants around the world, this power plant is equipped with Wey valves.

SpeedWey Hygiene

Faster than the explosion and hygienic for all requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry

Our high speed isolation valve «SpeedWey» closes within 23 milliseconds in case of an explosion and protects the rest of the pipe system against destruction. The valve in the picture is additionally fitted with a PTFE inliner, which guarantees smooth surfaces with virtually no crossovers or gaps. It can therefore be used for the pharmaceutical and food industry and protect the facility and human life e.g. from flour dust explosions. The SpeedWey is manufactured at our production site in Switzerland and exclusively available at our partner IEP Technologies.

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Energy from biomass

A new documentary of the NDR talks about the energy source biogas, visiting one of northern Germany's biggest biogas plants in Torgelow. The plant is fully equipped with Wey valves.

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For high pressures up to 100 bar

In means of handling extremely high pressures and dealing with abrasive, thick and dry media, our knife gate valve HD is our front-runner. Our engineering team designed it with an automatic sealing effect: The higher the pressure, the better the seal. The valve shown in the photo has a nominal size of 350 mm and is leaving for a mine in Australia next week.

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Every single one of our water control gates is custom-made in our production site in Eschenbach, Switzerland. Our team often visits the operating sites serveral times to make sure everything fits. Today Wey water control gates are found all over the country in water and wastewater treatment, power generation, and irrigation systems.

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Smart actuators for high performance valves

For a special order from China, our valves were upgraded with electrohydraulic actuators.

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Sistag mechanic - an adventurous job

Our valves get installed at extraordinary places all over the world. This means always new challenges for our assembly team.




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