Mounting pneumatic cylinders

We design and manufacture most of the pneumatic cylinders for our knife gate valves ourselves. During assembly, there are three tricks we use to test whether the actuator has been assembled correctly.

Melting valve 750x750

Melting valve

300°C - that's how hot molten polymer can get in plastics production. Our special knife gate valve design not only withstands these extreme temperatures; rounded transitions and a polished passage also ensure that the viscous mass does not stick anywhere.

Elimination of leaks

Our new video tutorial shows how you can easily repair leaks on Wey knife gate valves yourself.

Butterfly valve function test

Our valve design is based on years of experience - but we are always looking for ways to further improve the design and choice of materials. Our butterfly valves are currently being put through their paces in a large-scale endurance test where they have to withstand more than 20,000 closing cycles.

Knife gate valve MG DN 500

Shut-off performance in paper production

For a paper manufacturer with multiple plants in Taiwan, China and Vietnam, we manufactured several knife gate valves from the MG series. The valves with nominal sizes of DN 300 - 500 can withstand pressures of up to 16 bar and were equipped with powerful double-acting Cowan pneumatic cylinders. At their destination, numerous Wey knife gate valves are already reliably shutting off various pulp mixtures.

Pressure testing on a large scale

Every single Wey knife gate valve is pressure tested in our production facility before it leaves the Sistag factory. This also applies to large valves such as this MF DN 1600 knife gate valve. As it does not fit on our regular test stations, a mobile test flange is attached in several hours of work to carry out the test.

Knife gate valve MH DN 250

All-rounder for solid mixtures

These two knife gate valves of the MH series will soon be used for handling slurry at a mining site. The medium contains up to 50% solids. With a pressure rating of PN25, duplex gate and an additional wear ring, the valves can cope with demanding media such as these.

Knife gate valve MF DN 1600

Knife gate valve DN 1600

We recently manufactured some oversized valves for a project in Poland. These included several DN 1400 knife gate valves and two valves with a nominal diameter of DN 1600.

Case Study WWTP Baden-Baden•Sinzheim

New Case Study

A fourth purification stage is to be added to the Baden-Baden•Sinzheim communal wastewater treatment plant in southern Germany. More than 75 knife gate valves and butterfly valves in nominal sizes from DN 50 to DN 1200 were installed in the new part of the building.

Wey Sluice gates at WWTP Schönau

We discovered three of our sluice gates in a video of the Schönau wastewater treatment plant. The three examples are only a small part of the plant's entire stock of valves, which mainly consists of Wey valves.

Sluice gate round profile

Individual profile

Our sluice gates are available in as many versions as there are requirements. Whether sealed on 3 or 4 sides, dowelled or set in concrete, with a straight base profile or - as shown in the picture - with a round base.

Texas Water 2024

Save the Date

Join us and many other professionals in the wastewater and water industry at this years' Texas Water in Fort Worth on April 9 - 12, 2024. You can find us at our Wey Valve booth no. 1626.

MFE with V-notch insert

On the cutting-edge

These knife gate valves MF with V-notch insert are not only made for high pressures, but are also specially protected against wear.

Knife Gate Valve Mining

Valves for the mining industry

This 32'' knife gate valve is on its way to Indonesia to be used in a mining project. With its robust ductile iron body, a stainless steel gate, e-coating and precise Sambo bevel gear, the valve is ideally equipped for the difficult conditions in mining applications.

Case Study: Thermal lake water system Lausanne

New Case Study

The EPFL campus is a pioneer in the use of thermal lake energy. The university buildings have been cooled with lake water since 1978. Today, heating energy is also generated sustainably. The valve on the main inlet is to be replaced by a Wey knife gate valve as part of the overhaul of the system.

Second life for AUMA actuators

High pressures, corrosive media and repeated strokes do not only cause wear and tear in the passage of valves. The valve actuator is often also affected by difficult conditions. As experts in AUMA actuators, we also maintain and repair electric actuators and have already been able to extend the service life of many valves by several years.

Knife gate valve HD Locking device

High pressures and maximum safety

This high-pressure knife gate valve HD DN 250 not only withstands pressures of up to 78 bar, but can also be additionally secured with a locking device.

W0 Buried Service

Buried Service

With this robust W0 knife gate valve, we are literally immersing ourselves in Canadian mining. The enclosed bonnet is designed for buried service.

Knife gate valve VNC cruise liner

On the high seas

This pneumatically operated stainless steel knife gate valve VN is set to sail the seven seas. It will be installed on a cruise ship, where it plays an important role in internal waste handling. We painted it in pastel turquoise at the customer's request so that it also fits in visually at its prominent location.

Case Study: Munksjö Paper

New Case Study

The Munksjö paper mill in northern Spain was previously equipped with isolation valves from other manufacturers. The demanding conditions in paper production regularly led to problems with the installed valves.

MF Double Transverse Seal

Double Transverse Seal

Special equipment for special conditions: These MF knife gate valves with pneumatic actuator have been fitted with a double transverse seal to guarantee 100% tightness even under the most difficult conditions.

VL DN 50

Precision in stainless steel

Our knife gate valves of the VL series are often used in corrosive applications such as the chemical and food industries. Manufactured from stainless steel as standard, the valves with ANSI flange can withstand even the toughest conditions. These 15 valves are equipped with manual actuators at the Wey plant in the USA and then installed in various systems.

Pit sluice gates with base plate

Flexible solution

For the renovation of a main sewer in Switzerland, individual sections of the construction site had to be temporarily shut off. As a cost-effective alternative to large custom-made valves, we mounted two pit sluice gates on a precisely fitting reinforced stainless steel plate. The two channels can thus be controlled individually. The valves are later installed elsewhere in the drainage system.

23 milliseconds

That's all it takes for our SpeedWey knife gate valve HSI to detect an explosion within the pipeline and to close automatically. By preventing explosions from spreading, the valve can protect not only the remaining system, but also human life. Our engineers have designed a test setup for our showroom. Come to the Sistag production facility in Eschenbach LU and see for yourself.

Case Study Sea water heat pump Esbjerg

New Case Study

Great things are being built in the North Sea port of Esbjerg. Where previously a coal-fired power plant provided heat for the city, Denmark's largest seawater heat pump is being built as part of an ecological district heating system.

Helicopter assembly

Helicopter assembly

For a dam in Switzerland our service team recently installed two water control gates in a gorge. The gorge is only accessible via a 600 m long tunnel. Our sluice gates were therefore flown to the site by helicopter.

Wanna see a magic trick?

This knife gate valve VN DN 1200 not only has special levitation attributes. Thanks to its body and gate made of duplex stainless steel, it is also particularly corrosion-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C. Four of these valves will soon be installed at a mining site in Indonesia.

Knife Gate Valve VK with Special Finish

Knife Gate Valve VK with Special Finish

A rare sight among our red Wey knife gate valves with round passage: our VK series for rectangular flanges. Coated on customer request in a special color, which coincidentally exactly matches our Sistag green. The knife gate valve will soon be used in a German brewery.

Large order knife gate valve VN 400

Knife gate valves as far as the eye can see

For a single mining project in Indonesia, we were able to manufacture knife gate valves with nominal diameters from 150 to 1200. Since we manufacture all valves in the same production plant in Switzerland, production is carried out in stages. 33 of these manually operated knife gate valves VN DN 400 alone are currently ready for delivery.

Knife gate valve MF PTFE

Secret weapon PTFE

To rule out all possibilities of media sticking from the outset, the passage and gate of these knife gate valves MF DN 100 have been coated with PTFE. The seal is also made of non-sticking PTFE.

Full free passage

Pipelines leading into open waters always bear the risk of deposits caused by mussels or other organic material. To ensure that regular cleaning by pigging can be carried out without any problems, we manufacture our valves in a full bore version at the customer's request.

Butterfly Valve DN 900

Butterfly Valve DN 900

In our nominal size range of DN 80 - 1600, this centric butterfly valve may still be in the midfield, but for use in wastewater treatment it is still one of the larger valves.

W0 Australian Outback

Into the wilderness

These 3” and 4” knife gate valves W0 are headed to the Australian Outback. They will be introduced into a mining operation transporting a slurry of abrasive minerals and water. Their fully enclosed bonnets and hardened wear rings will ensure the operation never ceases. Additionally, the valves include rotary lockouts to ensure safe operations.

Knife Gate Valve MG High Temperature

Compact and heat resistant

For this manually operated knife gate valve MG DN100, special attention was paid to the selection of materials. They must withstand temperatures of up to 240°C during subsequent use in a power plant.

RSK DN 300 pressure test

Pressure test for large valves

Every single valve that leaves our factory is tested for tightness using water pressure. This also applies to rarely manufactured valves, such as this RSK check valve with a nominal size of DN 300. Since our test stand is not designed for check valves of this size, the test is carried out manually. This is the only way we can be absolutely sure that our valves are 100% leak-proof at the customer's site.

Knife Gate Valve Oil Sands

Heavy duty valves for Canadian oil sands

These 14” knife gate valves W3 are going to be installed in one of the harshest environments possible: At Canadian oil sands fields.

Knife Gate Valve MF Topwork Extension

Safety distance for high temperatures

To ensure that these knife gate valves can be operated without risk even when the medium in the pipelines is extremely hot, the topwork has been extended by a safety distance of several centimeters.

Diving operation


This knife gate valve DN 1200 had to be installed under water. It shuts off the main inlet of a thermal lake water plant in Switzerland.

Case Study Agri Seudre Énergies

New Case Study

At the newly built Agri Seudre Énergies biomethane plant in the west of France, around 50 knife gate valves ensure the control of liquid, gaseous and solids media.

Knife gate valve VL pet food production

Safety for four-legged friends

With spring return cylinders and FDA approval, these valves for a pet food factory protect threefold: people, equipment and pets.

Wey Wellness

Wey Wellness

Even our knife gate valves sometimes need a little relaxation. This one treats itself to a soothing bath in lime milk solution in a Spanish paper mill.

Knife gate valve DN 50

Size isn't everything

No challenge is too small to give our best. In our production facilities we can manufacture knife gate valves with a nominal size of up to 2000mm - but also small valves with DN 50.

Installation of sluice gates

Made to measure from design to installation

In Switzerland alone, many thousands of Wey water control gates are in operation - one for every 500 inhabitants. Each one is individually made to measure and installed by our experienced service team. Just like this sluice gate in a street wastewater treatment plant in Geneva.

Spindle Extension

Spindle extension upside down

Difficult-to-access locations where the valve rarely needs to be operated can be easily controlled with extended manual actuators. The photo shows Wey knife gate valves with spindle extension in a sugar factory in the Netherlands. Valves mounted at high altitudes like these ones can alternatively be equipped with a bevel gear and chain wheel.

MGC 500 Cement industry

Demanding cement production

Cement is produced from calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other components in a specific chemical process. Mixtures like these can be very demanding for valves, especially as other aspects such as dust, vibration and gases come along during production. The knife gate valve MG DN 500 on the photo just left for a cement plant in Germany. It is equipped with a limit switch, solenoid valve, and an air filter and pressure regulator.

Extending the lifecycle

We not only manufacture new valves every day - we also repair existing ones. Our knife gate valves are thus fully operational far beyond their usual service life.

Knife gate valve VM with Rotork motor

Another success story in wastewater treatment.

This 6” Wey knife gate valve VM with a Rotork motor replaced a defective competitive valve at a wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania, USA. Thanks to the proven Wey sealing system, our valves are 100% bi-directional shut off with zero leakage.

Spindle nut TR 120

Spindle nut XXL

This trapezoidal nut with a nominal diameter of TR 120 weighs a proud 80 kg. After machining, it will be mounted on a DN 900 knife gate valve used for mining in Indonesia.

Knife Gate Valve VS DN 300

High requirements in the petrochemical industry

The media transported through the pipelines of petrochemical plants are often highly corrosive and must not be contaminated under any circumstances. We therefore generally use stainlesssteel valves, such as this knife gate valve VS. It is equipped with a special limit switch and solenoid valves that are Ex d flameproof certified as well as with a filter regulator that cleans the compressed air and adjusts the pressure as required. Complete stainless steel tubing provides additional protection against damage and corrosion.

Custom made down to the last millimeter

Our water control gates require highest precision and a lot of manual work. From cutting to size to drilling, welding and assembly, we put around 10 hours of work into a single valve.

Texas Water Show 2023

Texas Water Show 2023

Two days full of interesting conversations and new impressions in Houston are already behind us. Thank you to everyone who visited us at our booth. We are looking forward to the coming days.

Twin knife gate valve

Double performance

This twin knife gate valve was produced on specific customer request. It will be installed in adjacent pipelines and always keeps one of the lines open and the other closed. This allows precise control of the medium flow. At the same time, the design saves space and costs.

Making of a melting valve

For smooth surfaces

Precise manual work on one of our melting valves: To ensure that the sticky polymer melt does not adhere in later use, the bore of this knife gate valve is polished with the hand grinder.

Save the Date: Texas Water 2023

Save the Date: Texas Water 2023

We are very excited to be exhibiting at Texas Water in Houston again this year. From April 11 - 14, we will be found at booth 1238 & 1240.

Case Study Çöpler Sulfide Expansion

New Case Study

Gold has been mined in the Çöpler mine since 2010. Until now, the precious metal was mainly extracted from oxide ore. In addition to this, more gold is to be extracted from the existing sulfide ore in the mine in the future. We were able to equip the new plant complex with the most robust valves from our Wey range.

VLC Fail-Close

Highest safety level

With their robust design and numerous options, these two high-tech valves leave nothing to chance.

Full bore knife gate valve

Full Bore

Fullbore for all cleaning methods: For a thermal lake water plant, the body of this knife gate valve was specially manufactured to allow pigs to pass through with ease.

Change of perspective

Ever wondered what our Swiss production looks like from the perspective of one of our valves? Several hours of automated CNC machine work and precise manual labor go into making one of our knife gate valve bodies.

VM with chainwheel actuator

Manual operation at 7m (24') hight

Whenever an applications requires infrequent valve operation, manual operation is the most space-saving and cost-effective solution. Just like at this wastewater treatment plant in the U.S. where our Wey knife gate valves VM can be operated manually at a height of 24’ (7.3 m) thanks to chainwheels connected to the actuator.

W0 under extreme conditions

Operation under extreme conditions

Abrasive mine slurry, sulfuric acid, temperatures of 220°C and high pressures: These W0 DN300 knife gate valves are working under extreme conditions. They were installed several years ago in a mine in Turkey. Body and gate are made of Super Duplex steel for higher resistance of the valves. The pneumatic cylinders have a fail-safe function: if power or compressed air should ever fail during operation, the valves close automatically to prevent damage.

W3 New Series

Ready for the first use

The first shipment of our upgraded W series is imminent. Several knife gate valves W3 30" are leaving our factory in Shannon, MS next week for Alberta, Canada, where they will be used in oil sands. In addition to various improvements of its robustness and tightness in high pressure areas, the new valve design comes with a universal bonnet which is suitable for all actuators.

New Case Study: O-Park1

New Case Study

Around 3,500 tonnes of food waste are generated daily in the metropolis of Hong Kong. So far, these leftovers have been disposed of together with other waste in landfills. With O·PARK1, we were allowed to equip the first organic resources recovery center in Hong Kong.

Wastewater Ohio

System changeover to knife gate valves

These knife gate valves VM DN 4" were recently installed at a wastewater treatment plant in Ohio, USA. The existing scum system was aging and pumps and valves needed to be replaced. Our Wey knife gate valves were selected due to their resistance to deposition and solids. Compared to the previously installed plug valves, they are also much lighter and therefore easier to handle. The system was commissioned successfully in October.

Melting Valve A3

Unique through and through

For a technically complex process such as the production and processing of plastic, the valves used must be just as technically complex - at the very least. Our melting valves are therefore always designed from the ground up for the specific application and extensively machined. This was also the case with this recent order, a DN 650 melting valve for a plastics plant in Spain.

Butterfly valve TL20 DN100

Our latest butterfly valve order

12 lug type butterfly valves TL20 with nominal sizes from 65 – 250 were recently assembled at our Sistag plant. Operated by a spring return pneumatic actuator with inductive double sensor. DVGW gas approved and ATEX certified. Along with several knife gate valves, these valves are soon going to be installed in a newly built biogas plant in Switzerland.

High temperature DN 1600

For high temperature areas

This knife gate valve MF DN 1600 was made for applications where temperatures can reach up to 230°C. Its body has a heat resistant coating and the gate is made of a special stainless steel, which optimally matches the thermal behavior of the cast iron body. This knife gate valve willl soon be installed in a coal-fired power plant in India.

 Emergency manual override

Backup plan for emergencies

These knife gate valves MF DN 250 are regularly operated by pneumatic cylinder. In case of failure of the electric power or compressed air supply they can be operated manually by handwheel.



As always, had a great time at WEFTEC in New Orleans. Thanks to everyone who visited us at our booth. See you again next time!

Biogas plants to overcome the energy crisis?

Until now, biogas has always been the more environmentally friendly but also the more expensive alternative. With the enormous increase in energy costs, things are now looking different. This Plusminus report shows why biogas plants in Germany still have a shadowy existence compared to other renewable energies.

Square knife gate valve

Squaring the circle

Our knife gate valve VK was developed for all kinds of rectangular or square flange connections. The flange can be customized, as was done with the one in the photo. Two of these valves will soon be installed as horizontal discharge valves in a coal-fired power plant in the Philippines.

A3 titanium

Extra protection thanks to titanium

For heavy duty applications in the mining industry: Body and gate of this Wey knife gate valve A3 are made of titanium Gr 12. The gate edge is additionally coated with tungsten carbide to provide extra resistance against corrosive, sulphuric acid mine slurry.

Announcement WEFTEC 2022

Wey Valve at WEFTEC

Meet us and many other water professionals at this year's WEFTEC in New Orleans, USA.

New Cae Study: WWTP Basel

New Case Study

The Basel wastewater treatment plant has been in operation since 1982 and is reaching its limits. More than 700 of our knife gate valves, butterfly valves and water control gates were used for an expansion of the plant.

Fail-safe function

Fail-safe function

Safety first: Thanks to an added air vessel, this Wey knife gate valve VN closes automatically in the event of a power or compressed air failure. Two of these valves will be shipped to the Netherlands soon and installed in a waste incineration plant.

Stable, precise and absolutely even

We put up to 10 hours of work into a single gate. After being shaped by flame cutting, our stainless steel gates are planed - for extra even surfaces. The CNC machine mills edges and holes. Finally, the entire gate is ground for a perfectly smooth surface.

Wastewater Heat Recovery

Wastewater Heat Recovery

Wastewater as a source of energy is already a reality in many wastewater treatment plants. In Switzerland alone, wastewater provides enough energy to generate hot water for 900,000 inhabitants. We have been allowed to support the construction of some wastewater heat recovery plants with Wey valves, but the potential is far from exhausted.

VNC Hastelloy alloy

VNC with Hastelloy alloy

Corrosion resistancy at its best: The body and gate of this pneumatic actuated knife gate valve VN have a Hastelloy C22 alloy. PTFE gliders make sure the two materials don’t damage each other. The topwork is made of stainless steel, just like the tubing and the solenoid valve. The whole knife gate valve is ATEX certified for zones 0/20 (inner area) and 1/21 (outer area).

MGC heat resistant

For temperatures up to 400°C

These two knife gate valves MG DN 400 recently left our production site for a Brazilian plant working on water treatment and the disposal of industrial effluents.

Service abroad

Service abroad

Our service technician was recently called to a plant manufacturer in Portugal to fix some Wey valves MG that seemed to leak. A few retightened screws and a repacking of the valves quickly fixed the problem. The individual sections of the plant are assembled in Portugal and then shipped as a whole to their final destination in Greece.

GWF Sluice Gates

Automated water supply system with Wey control gates

The responsible use and distribution of water is a real challenge. GWF has therefore developed an automated water supply system using Wey sluice gates. The valves are installed in irrigation canals for agriculture and can be controlled by App. The water flow is measured in order to make predictions about water consumption. The entire valve is powered by solar energy and is therefore completely self-sufficient. Systems like these are already in use in many regions around the world.

Melting valve square

Melting valve 750 x 750 mm

A custom-made knife gate valve for a plant engineering company in Germany. Our Wey melting valve is specially designed for granulating plastics. It resists the viscous plastic melt that flows through the valve and can reach up to 270°C. Due to the viscosity of the medium, the sealing of the valve is designed differently than in any other Wey valve.

HDE Mining Sweden

High pressure knife gate valve for mining

This high pressure knife gate valve HD DN 150 will soon help transporting mining water in Sweden. It withstands a pressure of up to 63 bar, is particularly corrosion resistant thanks to its stainless steel body and bonnet, and easy to clean thanks to its flushing connection.

New W series

Upgrade of our W series

After decades of experience in heavy duty applications, the optimized design is now even more robust.

A new way of Raclette

May we present our latest innovation: The Original Wey Knife Cheese Valve - designed exclusively for the IFAT in Munich. A perfect combination of Swiss tradition and world-class engineering.

New Cae Study: Jet d'eau

New Case Study

The famous Jet d’Eau is an iconic landmark in the city of Geneva that has adorned Geneva’s harbor district for decades. As part of the renovation of the pumping system, several water control gates were replaced with Wey sluice gates.

MFC remote controllable

Remote controllable

Operating a valve can’t get any easier than with these knife gate valves MF DN 125. They are equipped with limit switches and solenoid valves for remote control, wired in a junction box for easier handling. Along with five others, these valves are soon being installed in a waste-to-energy plant in Dubai.

MF DN 1200 with v-notch

Regulated flow on a large scale

A total of 12 knife gate valves MF with a nominal size of DN 1200 are currently being produced at our production site in Eschenbach. Two of them are equipped with V-notches for flow regulation. The additional wear plates can be replaced easily when worn out.

Wey Knife Gate Valve Assembly Tutorial

See step-by-step how each of our knife gate valves is assembled with care by our Swiss team.

Knife Gate Valve end-of-line

For end-of-line and between-the-lines

Most of our valves can be installed between two pipes as well as at the end of the line. The knife gate valve in the photo was dead ended for several months before the plant was extended by additional pumps and pipes. Almost 50 Wey knife gate valves with nominal sizes from 24″ to 54″ are installed at this wastewater treatment plant in Texas.

Sluice Gate Type 2

Massive control gates for large masses of water

Our sluice gate type 2 is always used when especially large amounts of fluids must be shut off. The gate has a thickness of 12 mm and is additionally reinforced for a maximum head of water of 5.5 m. Two of these sluice gates will soon be installed in a wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland where they shut off the main inlet whenever necessary.

TW20 Gas approved

Gas approved and ATEX certified

Available in nominal sizes from DN 25 to DN 1600, in various materials and body types and with different actuators, we can configure our butterfly valves to meet any individual requirement. The six valves type TW20 on the photo just left our production site for a biogas plant in Italy.


Triple protection in demanding environments

Sometimes more is simply more. This Wey knife gate valve VSC DN 100 is protected against all types of harmful influences.

Wey Stop Log 6.6

10.8 square meters of blocking surface

This Wey stop log has a width of 3.6m and a height of 3.0m. It will soon be installed at a wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland. During inspection work, it shuts off the emptied basins of the plant. Thanks to a special system with double lip seals, our stop logs provide even better tightness than the standard requires - in both flow directions.

MGE Super Duplex

Super duplex for extra resistance

Seawater is considered to be one of the most corrosive natural environments on earth. For an offshore application in Denmark we therefore designed a Wey knife gate valve MG DN 1200 whose body and gate are made of super duplex stainless steel. With a PREN value of >42 super duplex makes the valve perfectly resistant against corrosion in its future environment.

Because sometimes speed is crucial...

Shortly before Christmas, we received an emergency call from Räber AG. In an almost new plant for jam production, a knife gate valve (third-party product) had suddenly failed. Within a few hours, our team was able to react and by the next morning, the jam manufacturer received a custom-fit Wey knife gate valve VNC DN400 for his plant. A service like this is a question of attitude for us and a real team effort.

300'000 configurations

Did you know that our valves are available in DIN, ANSI, BS, and AS flange drillings? We also offer a wide range of nominal sizes, face to face dimensions and materials. Let us create the perfect configuration for your needs.


Safety-cylinder for chemical industry

Safety first! Unlike most of our valves, this knife gate valve MGC DN 300 is equipped with a single-acting cylinder. Whenever the compressed air in the production plant fails, the valve closes automatically to prevent further damage. The cylinder has a tandem design with two pistons and therefore a reduced diameter. The valve in the photo was recently produced for a german customer in the chemical industry. It is ATEX certified for zones 0/20 (inner area) and 1/21 (outer area).

O-Port gate design

Heavy duty valve in O-Port gate design

Unlike most Wey knife gate valves, our DP series is designed with a through gate. This allows the valve to cut through static medium columns. For the valves in the picture, we additionally used hardened steel to provide extra protection against corrosion and PTFE as a non-stick coating. The three through gate valves withstand temperatures of up to 200°C and a pressure of more than 20 bar. They will be installed at a plant producing fire protective boards in Belgium.

Wey at Swiss wasterwater treatment plants

A total of 800 wastewater treatment plants and 50‘000 km of sewer lines ensure the high water quality of Switzerland‘s rivers and lakes. Wey valves can be found in more than 700 of these plants. We have been at home in wastewater treatment for almost 50 years and are therefore experienced with the specific challenges of water treatment applications.

MFH DN 1600

Think big! Wey MFH DN 1600

This huge knife gate valve with a nominal size of DN 1600 and a hydraulic actuator was recently produced for our partner EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd in India. It will be installed on the production site of one of India‘s largest steel manufacturers. Due to its ceramic sealing and Bricafeu 479 coating, it is heat-resistant up to 230°C.

SRF 10 vor 10

Preventing imminent power outages with gas-fired power plants

The Federal Council is currently discussing how Switzerland can protect itself from a sudden blackout. The SRF reports about the different possibilities and the block-type thermal power plant in Mellingen. Like many other plants around the world, this power plant is equipped with Wey valves.

SpeedWey Hygiene

Faster than the explosion and hygienic for all requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry

Our high speed isolation valve «SpeedWey» closes within 23 milliseconds in case of an explosion and protects the rest of the pipe system against destruction. The valve in the picture is additionally fitted with a PTFE inliner, which guarantees smooth surfaces with virtually no crossovers or gaps. It can therefore be used for the pharmaceutical and food industry and protect the facility and human life e.g. from flour dust explosions. The SpeedWey is manufactured at our production site in Switzerland and exclusively available at our partner IEP-HOERBIGER Technologies.

Energy from biomass

Energy from biomass

A new documentary of the NDR talks about the energy source biogas, visiting one of northern Germany's biggest biogas plants in Torgelow. The plant is fully equipped with Wey valves.

For high pressures up to 100 bar

For high pressures up to 100 bar

In means of handling extremely high pressures and dealing with abrasive, thick and dry media, our knife gate valve HD is our front-runner. Our engineering team designed it with an automatic sealing effect: The higher the pressure, the better the seal. The valve shown in the photo has a nominal size of 350 mm and is leaving for a mine in Australia next week.

Water control gates

Every single one of our water control gates is custom-made in our production site in Eschenbach, Switzerland. Our team often visits the operating sites serveral times to make sure everything fits. Today Wey water control gates are found all over the country in water and wastewater treatment, power generation, and irrigation systems.

Smart actuators

Smart actuators for high performance valves

For a special order from China, our valves were upgraded with electrohydraulic actuators.




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