Knife gate valves with an EN 558/ISO 5752 20 series face to face often quickly reach their pressure limit values of 10 bar – but not our MG series. For the same face to face, it is generally designed for pressures of up to 16 bar. Of course, we retained the many design features that have always set the Wey knife gate valve apart from the competition.



2 – 24 inch
Nominal sizes
Stainless steel, Ductile iron, Special material
0 – 235 psi
Pressure rating
PN10, PN16, ANSI Class 150, BS10-D, BS10-E, AS2129-D, AS2129-E
Flange drilling
EN 558 series 20
Face to face dimension

Application areas

Biogas plants
e.g. Food waste, Household waste, Wood chips, Manure, Substrates, Other renewable resources ...

e.g. Coal dust, Mining slurry, Sinter water, Tailings, , Acids and phosphates ...

Chemical and petrochemical industries
e.g. Viscous pastes, Chemically contaminated waste water, Bitumen/tar ...

e.g. Waste water ...

Coal fired power stations
e.g. Coal slurry ...

Food and beverage
e.g. Cereal, vegetable, mash, etc., Cocoa beans ...

Pulp and paper industry
e.g. Pulp Stock (Low to high density), Liquor (black, white, green) ...

Waste water treatment plants
e.g. Waste water, Raw water, Sludge, Digested sludge ...

Water treatment
e.g. Seawater, Saltwater ...

MG in Bioabfallbehandlungsanlage
Wey MGC DN 300 in an organic resources recovery centre in Hongkong.


Body 2 Comp. Epoxy-Polyamide Resin Primer, 2 Comp. Polyurethane-Enamel-Top Coat
Topwork 2 Comp. Epoxy-Polyamide Resin Primer, 2 Comp. Polyurethane-Enamel-Top Coat




Bevel gear

Bevel gear

Pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Electric actuator knife gates & control gates

Electric actuator


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