Company Profile

Since 1964, we have been operating in the national and international valve-market under the name of SISTAG. During this time, the company has been responding continuously to the requirements of a growing and at the same time increasingly demanding customer base.

Our brand name Wey is worldwide recognized and internationally protected. In the industry, the name stands for Swiss quality, both with regard to the product and the support we offer. This reputation of the Wey products is based on exceptional functionality and process safety, ease of maintenance and long service life.

Our Wey products perform in a broad range of industries & applications. Whether mining, water treatment, food & beverage, chemical or petrochemical industry, biomass, cement or waste handling – whenever fluids, powder or slurries need to be controlled, companies rely on Wey products.

Wey products comply with the highest standards of technology. With countless years of experience developing innovative designs we have become recognized for unique solutions to complex valve problems. For this reason we provide our customers from start to finish with satisfaction and a sense of security. This has always been the case. And this will also always be our rule for the future. That’s the Wey.

Company focus

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the central point of our work. With our intelligent, innovative shut-off valves we provide high benefit to our customers. By meeting customer requirements and expectations we create confidence. Every performance of a service is a recommendation for further business and thus contributes to our long-term success.

Quality of work performance

With the classically proven SISTAG quality of our products and services we are a reliable partner for our customers. The quality of our work performance, particularly our technical know-how, our skills in consulting and great flexibility in fulfilling special customer requirements are among the major strengths of our company. Environmentally compatible handling of materials and careful use of resources is self-evident for us.

Employee satisfaction

We give our employees a great degree of responsibility and competence. We encourage each staff member to initiative, specialist know-how and quality consciousness through proper and ongoing training. Protecting health and safety of our employees is another major priority.

Supplier quality

Our suppliers are integrated in our management system. We place high but legitimate demands on our suppliers concerning reliability, price-performance ratio as well as product and service quality.

Management system

We consider this management system, which conforms to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, as well as the Process Equipment Directives PED 97/23/EC as an integrating management and organization instrument for continued improvement of our overall performance. Thereby the internal control system IKS assures effectiveness and efficiency of the business process.