After more than 26 years as CEO of SISTAG AG, based in Eschenbach/LU, Hans-Jörg Sidler is stepping down from his position while he will continue to support the company on a strategic level as President of the company. Samuel Sidler succeeds him as CEO.


The new Wey Valve facility was completed in February and put into operation in March 2016. The new facility is designed to enhance Wey Valve’s full manufacturing and service commitment to its customers and markets and their development needs. The new 40,000 square foot facility, located just off Highway 45 at the Tupelo Lee Industrial Park South, represents a major investment for Wey Valve Inc. It will include a production hall for manufacturing knife-gate valves up to 90“.


SISTAG celebrates the 50 years anniversary. Completing the construction works is our highlight of this festive year – an investment for the future of the company consisting of new administration offices, show room, canteen, sanitary installation and extension of our production area. On September 19th & 20th we raise our glasses together with our customers, partners, staff and friends to 50 years of SISTAG!


The two names SISTAG and Wey are inseparably connected. Since the early stage of SISTAG in 1964, Wey has been the trademark of the company. All Wey products were -and will be- designed, produced and sold by SISTAG or its subsidiaries. To consolidate all activities we have decided that beginning in the year 2012 on a uniform appearance in the market. The name “Wey” is from now on policy.


At the beginning of September 2008, the new SISTAG extension at their head quarter in Eschenbach was inaugurated. It is called «Hall 100» – an impressive annex building that provides additional production and storage area of 1’420 m2. This means 30% more than before and is a confidential signal from the company to the future development.
The «Hall 100» has besides the practical also a symbolic signification: It is one more milestone in the 100 year history of the business family Sidler entrepreneureship in Eschenbach.


„40 Years SISTAG“ - An anniversary with great goals and new challenges.


Global market presence is further strengthened in Germany by establishing the wholly owned SISTAG GmbH; and worldwide by expanding the net of agents.


Hans-Jörg Sidler, the third generation of the Sidler family, assumes the position as company executive officer and the company is registered under the new name SISTAG Absperrtechnik


The first subsidiary company, Wey Valve Inc. is established in Nettleton, MS / U.S.A. and hence taking into account the increasing demand in this market.


Wey is registered as an international trademark and claims in future on innovative product design, customer service and quality. The product range is expanded by the knife gate valves, the butterfly and check valves.


Establishment of the SISTAG, Maschinenfabrik Sidler Stalder AG, Eschenbach by the founders Hans Sidler and Hans Stalder - after having acquired the patents from Joseph Wey. The newly established company recruits its personnel out of the former company and soon grows to a team of 30 employees. Licenses are distributed to several companies in Europe and overseas, to meet the growing demand in the global market.


First contacts with Joseph Wey, engineer ETH, who develops the idea of producing a tight sealing pulp valve. Hans Stalder is a member of his engineering team in Zug.


Hans Sidler takes over the Johann Sidler machine shop of his father. The company H. Sidler + Co. expands its activities into the customer service in the industrial sector.


Establishment of a machine shop in Eschenbach by Johann Sidler, mainly active in the agricultural sector.