• Can companies/entities buy Wey products directly from SISTAG or one of the subsidiaries? In countries/states with no official representation, Wey products can be purchased directly from SISTAG or one of the subsidiaries. Otherwise, Wey products are distributed by official representatives.

  • Do you offer assembly, commissioning, service and maintenance? Yes, we offer all those services.

  • Can I order spare parts for Wey products? Yes, all parts of any Wey product can be purchased separately.

  • You sell technical products that sometimes need further clarification. How can I get advice? We have technical inside sales personnel as well as outside sales technicians for technical advice.


  • What is the company name? Wey or SISTAG? The name of the company in Switzerland is SISTAG AG, whereas in Germany it is SISTAG GmbH and Wey Valve Inc. in the USA.

  • What is Wey? Wey is the product/brand name.

  • Does SISTAG have any Subsidiaries? Yes, SISTAG GmbH in Germany and Wey Valve Inc. in the USA.

  • Is SISTAG part of a corporate group? No, SISTAG is a 100% family owned company.

  • Where are the Wey products manufactured?  All products are manufactured either in Switzerland or the USA.

  • Is the company a member of any industrial association? No.

  • In which countries are Wey products available? Worldwide.