VN series

The VN series combines all the properties of a knife gate valve in an inexpensive semi-lug flange design, in order to meet the most common market requirements. With this series, we guarantee the greatest possible functional and operational safety, in an easy-to-maintain, optimized design. We guarantee a 100 % bidirectional bubble-tight shut off over the entire pressure range. For many applications this results in a balanced cost-benefit ratio in terms of investment and maintenance.


characteristics VN series

50 – 1400 mm
Nominal sizes
Stainless steel, Cast iron, Special material
0 – 10 bar
Pressure rating
PN10, BS10-D, BS10-E, AS2129-D, AS2129-E
Flange drilling
EN 558 series 20
Face to face dimension

Application areas

Biogas plants
e.g. Food waste, Household waste, Wood chips, Manure, Substrates, Other renewable resources ...

e.g. Coal dust, Mining slurry, Sinter water, Tailings, Acids and phosphates ...

Chemical and petrochemical industries
e.g. Viscous pastes, Granulates, Chemically contaminated waste water, Bitumen/tar ...

e.g. Waste water, Rainwater, Industrial water, Mixed water ...

Food and beverage
e.g. Syrups, juices and beverages, Cereal, vegetable, mash, etc., Processed fruits, Cheese powder, Cocoa beans ...

Pulp and paper industry
e.g. Pulp Stock (Low to high density), Liquor (black, white, green), Chemical solutions, bleaching agents, Recycling tissue ...

Waste water treatment plants
e.g. Waste water, Raw water, Sludge, Digested sludge, Floating sludge ...

Water treatment
e.g. Seawater, Saltwater ...

VN in Abwasserreinigungsanlage
Wey VNC DN 150 in an organic resources recovery centre in Hongkong.

Corrosion protection

Body EKB powder coat
Topwork EKB powder coat




Manual lever knife gates & control gates

Manual lever

Bevel gear

Bevel gear

Pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Electric actuator knife gates & control gates

Electric actuator


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